Coding/ Critiquing Recorded Sessions has been an integral part of JSAT for 18 years. Our coders have coded approximately 6,000 MI, assessment (LSI-R; YLS/CMI; LS/CMI; RRC; etc.), Group Therapy and Practice Model tapes. We have created and evolved sophisticated fidelity measures that incorporate and extend standard measures (MISC; MITI-3,4; YACS, etc.) for the purpose of reliably rating skills of different kinds. Moreover our coding reports provide accurate, comprehensive narrative and graphic feedback for both end-users and researchers.

Coaching and coding (feedback reports) form a hand-and-glove relationship that provides excellent support for staff to develop complex protocols or skills. JSAT coaches have extensive experience, many having each coached over a thousand persons as they ramp up their skills to competency thresholds. We provide training in coaching mastery and consistently positively reinforce our coaches for working with both technical and adaptive (personal) change issues with the linestaff and managers they coach.

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