1. Training is provided in various areas and for the purposes of providing an overview of select Evidence Based Practices. All our training is done with an awareness of the importance of engaging all the drivers of implementation and the need to avoid relying solely upon training.

–              Motivational Interviewing (MI)

–              Cognitive Coaching

–              Assessment Tools

–              Other topics and skills

–              Dialogue

  1. Session Coding/Critiquing & Coaching almost invariably go together, enhance and strongly complement one another. The one exception is assessment coding, where the primary focus is on inter-rater reliability; assessment coding and reporting is generally sufficient without subsequent coaching.

–              MI Sessions Coding & Critiquing

–              MI Coaching

–              Supervisor/Direct Report Coaching

–              Group – Modified Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy (MIGP)

–              Line Staff Blending Skills in a Practice Model-driven Session

“It is a pleasure to work with a company that offers coding and coaching services with a deep commitment to the integrity of motivational interviewing.  They go the extra mile to make sure that their learners receive state-of-the-art feedback to build MI practice.  Their coaches are warm and helpful, especially for beginners.  If I wanted a coach to start learning MI, I would go to the JSAT team!”  Terri Moyers, PhD

  1. Practice Model Implementation of generic, public-domain practice models using the Building Block Model of Bas Vogelvang to customize the resulting model versions over time. This is a complete organizational change initiative more than an EBP installment or practice replacement strategy.

–             Practice Models in Corrections

–              Building Blocks Model Process

–              Start-Up Evidence Based Practice Menu Options

–             Cascading (senior managers, mid managers, and line staff) training/coaching

  1. Consulting is done to help organizations change to benefit as a whole from full implementation of Evidence Based Practices.

–              Organizational Change Initiatives

–              Program Evaluation

–              MI Community of Practice Start-up & Maintenance

–              Tool Development & Prototyping

–              Building Implementation Capacity

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