Type:   Service

 Delivery Method:  Individual Facilitation

Service Description:

Through their ability to engage and to communicate, JSAT’s coaches create a safe place for personalized learning and advancing in the interviewer’s ascent to competency in MI.   Furthermore, these coaches’ expertise is such that they are able to discern and focus on adaptive versus technical issues, and deal with the latter through good feedback and utilization of the four processes of MI. An important source for JSAT’s technical coaching is the interviewer’s pre-recorded MI session critique, which allows to pin-point areas for reinforcement and areas for improvement. When skill targets are surfaced JSAT coaches guide interviewers into skill rehearsals (using real and role plays) whenever appropriate. Regardless of the treatment context, JSAT’s coaches are effective aides along the journey to MI competency.


  • In addition to being MINTs and veterans in coaching MI, JSAT coaches work in many other coaching contexts (manager coaching, group therapists, probation, prevention) and they are well-qualified to work with each practitioner as a whole person.

 Why JSAT ?

  • JSAT coaching has been empirically linked to organizations achieving scale-up with MI competency – such is the case with the EPIC project, involving three separate departments in Colorado.
  • JSAT facilitators reduce the trainees’ resistance in the same way they are being trained to reduce resistance from their future clients.
  • JSAT’s has specialized in reducing trainee resistance and its training process and material is user friendly: acronyms are avoided, content has been simplified through distillation to what is essential.
  • JSAT coaches draw upon an extensive EBP frame of reference, they are aware of most trends making up the evolving bigger human services picture, with increasing requirements by funding sources and legislative directives.
  • JSAT offers coaching services in a customized fashion to each client’s needs.

Technical Description:

JSAT sees MI coaching as a process of supporting learning in a personalized manner amidst the complexities of human nature and more specifically, human performance.  The goal of MI coaching is to move toward enhanced MI performance, at the competency level and beyond to consummate mastery.  JSAT coaches believe that each coached person’s learning process is unique and therefore, the coaching is tailored to suit the person’s specific learning style.

JSAT’s MI coaching addresses skill practice by the coached that is, it impels the coached person toward owning the MI skills. JSAT’s MI coaching builds on the idea that to perform well, one has to “see” oneself with the MI skill working, that is, go through a stage of image creation by the person being coached.  In other words, working adequately with imaging facilitates improving performance.  Naturally, JSAT’s  coaching process includes a series of customized drills followed by immediate feedback  on the performance attained in those drills.

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