JSAT has been a leader in training corrections assessment tools since the company was founded in 1987. Brad Bogue, the President of JSAT was the first practitioner to become a trainer of the LSI-R tool, certified by the authors Andrews & Bonta in 1992. He was certified in Hare’s Psychopathy Check-List (PCL) in 1993. In 1985 Mr.Bogue was certified to train the Client Management Classification system. Since that time Bogue has been certified or approved in a myriad of offender assessment tools (e.g., COMPAS, ASUDS, ASUS, YLS/CMI, LS/CMI, OPI, ADS, DAST, MMSE, SARA, DVSI, ASI, RRC, etc.). JSAT routinely trains trainers in many of the latter tools. Brad and other trainers at JSAT are certified with Multi-Health Systems instrument publishers as master trainers for the entire family of LS tools.

We provide tailored assessment trainings to a wide-range of human service agencies. Our focus is on successful scale-up to assure that the majority of participants will quickly learn how to use the respective tool(s) with sustainable fidelity. And we take pride that we are the team that is called in to clean-up previously but unsuccessfully trained assessment tools. We know assessment is where the treatment intervention begins and why.

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