To transfer the skills and tools that empower human service workers to rapidly engage people in sustainable pro-social change.

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We are dedicated, in service to humanity, to guide ourselves by these core values:

Leadership: Following one’s conscience in a manner that inspires others to also do the    same.
Compassion: Having another’s or others’ best interest at heart and being willing to act on this interest when it is appropriate to do so.
Courage: Demonstrating forethought, effort and perseverance to remedy important problems.
Community: Sharing communication and work that drive and sustain a deepening sense of interpersonal connection and trust.
Creativity: Pursuing a productive process that employs multiple skills/ competencies to achieve something unique, non-random and pleasing to one’s self and others.
Trust: Constantly renewing respect and acceptance that results in progressive and mutual interpersonal transparency.
Perspective: Seeing the truth behind the smoke and mirrors people consciously or unconsciously sometimes put up.



Bradford Bogue – JSAT President


As we move toward the end of 2020,

We feel proud to see ourselves as an enterprise network thriving in a growing mindful culture. We all are dedicated to serving others, in total alignment with our values, which we hold dearly, and ultimately, the marginalized population’s we are committing to are impacted positively.

We are recognized frequently and routinely as a growing national and international leader in human service system innovation and excellence. The tools and skills we promote assist society in unleashing higher levels of learning, system solutions.

We enjoy and thrive personally and as a team working and learning together within our organization to continuously fulfill our purpose and embody our values, cultivating authentic and distributed leadership and nourishing each other within a culture of mindfulness.

We perform enthusiastically at our tasks with a high level of performance as a result of continuously adapting our business processes in such a way that everyone who participates in each process strives to improve it. In this way knowledge, information and collaboration flow intelligently to achieve our shared goals.

FullSizeRenderSome of our dedicated staff.